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WHEELCRAFT operates within an honesty policy to provide the highest possible standard of service to both the employer and employee of any company we deal with.

WHEELCRAFT will tailor each course to the requirements of the individual, and demands of the company, addressing their specific needs.

To this end, WHEELCRAFT will attend your company to carry out an assessment, and formulate a course, or courses, suitable to both parties. Should the suggested course be taken up, this assessment will be free of charge.

If desired, during the assessment WHEELCRAFT will offer advice on peripheral improvements that could be made to the company environment, and which may further reduce the number of minor accidents which occur in any business.

Should it be found that no improvements can be made, WHEELCRAFT will inform you of this, and not attempt to sell a service which is unessential. If problems arise which are beyond the scope of WHEELCRAFT, we will recommend a service which will give specific advice in overcoming the problem.

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Home Services About Steve Tew